Perth Tow Services


When you need a tow, or a ride Perthtow is who you need to call. We are an industry leading, friendly and reliable team of drivers available for your convenience 24/7. Our Services include – but are not limited to

  1. Break Down Towing

  2. Designated Driver Service

  3. Double Vehicle Towing

  4. Emergency, Accident & Collision Assistance

  5. Shipping Container/Crate and Small Machinery Transport

  6. Vehicle Collection and Delivery

So no matter where you are or what you need Perthtow is the place to call.


Break Down Towing445707-breakdown 1

Car not starting?
Something gone horribly wrong?
Not to worry!
Perthtow will endeavour to:
A) Find a solution to get your car running again (Jumpstart, battery swaps etc).

B) Tow it home or to your local mechanic.

Remember, we’re here for you!

Designated Driver Service

445686-965719-boozeBig Night Out?

If you’ve had too much to drink on a good night out, give us a call and we will deliver you and your car home safe and sound!

It’s as simple as these 3 steps:
  1. Ring us and give us a pick up time and location.

  2. We pick you, your vehicle and up to 4 extra passengers up.

  3. You get dropped off at home without any hassles!

Easy as, right?


Double Vehicle Towing

Never Make Two Trips!445688-two cars in one time

Need to tow two cars in a single tow? Sure thing!

Our Isuzu tow truck can accommodate any car or 4wd on its tilt tray and an additional car on it’s rear wheels from the towing device.

So if its accident or collision assistance you’re needing, give us a call and we’ll be at your location ready at your service!





Emergency, Accidental and Collision Assisstance

445691-accident 1445696-accident 3









Shipping Container/crate and Small Machinery Transport

445704-10675715_867484133276530_3496317936700766424_nNeed to transport shipping crates and small containers?

We’ve got you covered, we can help you out with that too!

Whether it’s a scheduled job or if you’re in need of quick transportation to and from shipping yards, warehouses and other industrial areas, we are here for you!

Give us a Call today!





Vehicle Collection and Delivery

Whether you want a car or motorbike transfer bought to you, need a vehicle dropped off to the workshop, or a car picked up from your mates house and dropped off back home, we can cater for almost any need. Auction house pickups and newly purchased vehicles are down our alley too!.


We offer competitive rates and are happy to match or beat any quote for pickups/deliveries to and from Auction houses such as Pickles and Manheim.

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445699-Auction1 445700-Auction2 445702-1427943792715_Balcatta3-938x704






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